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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm still alive after clobbering that flu bug

I did manage to beat that bug into submission after Friday night. I woke up Saturday feeling decent and productive so that was how I tried to spend my weekend. But before I bore you with this weekend, I have pictures from last weekend!

We went to dinner last week with Kye, Sara and Grandbaby Astin, so I was able to get some snaps while we ate. Here's some proud Grandpa pics of the baby-

Astin and his mom seem to be doing pretty well, all things considered.

So, this weekend? A haircut yesterday, and some errands and finally I finished up the painting and trim on the corner of the carport that I had started earlier in the week. That job turned out really well and overall the corner looks much better than before. Later the spouse and I went out to supper and a movie- RV with Robin Williams. Here's my advice for this movie, wait a week or two and rent it. Skip paying full price and pop your own popcorn for this one. There are some funny bits but overall its too predictable and not funny enough to be worth buying tickets for it.

Today I spent the day cleaning up, fixing up, mowing and tossing junk out. My skinny little lawnmower storage shed has 3 new shelves in it tonight, 2 above the mower and 1 above an existing shelf on the other end. There really is a bunch of stuff in that little closet and most of it was piling up on the floor, now it is much tidier. One shelf holds Noah's 4-wheeling gear, another holds 4 floor jacks and the 3rd new shelf holds gas cans and some Miracle Grow.

I got the lawn mowed, some weeds pulled, the carport cleaned up and some junk thrown away out of my workshop. I spent a bit of time sitting on the front porch with the spouse watching the neighborhood birds and the front yard got watered too.

Now I've had dinner, a shower, a couple beers and helped clean up the kitchen while waiting for the laundry to get finished. Can I be tired now?

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